eM2 electric truck in NJ

Freightliner eM2 Electric Medium-Duty Trucks
in New Jersey

Meadowlands Freightliner is your gateway to the future of sustainable trucking. We’re excited to introduce the revolution of electric trucks – Freightliner eM2- the upgraded version of the top-selling medium-duty truck. With its impressive adaptability, smart charging capabilities, and unwavering focus on driver comfort and safety, this electric marvel is here to propel you into the future.




180 OR 250 MILES


0% TO 80% IN



26,000 – 33,000 LBS

Leading the Charge in Electric Trucks

Introducing the Freightliner® eM2: the electric revolution in the top-selling M2 medium-duty truck. Whether you need it for on-highway or vocational use, the eM2 is designed to meet the demands of your business while keeping up with sustainability requirements.

As experts in electric technology, we are here to assist your transition to zero emissions. Our committed EV team at Frank’s Meadowlands Freightliner  is prepared to guide you through electric truck rebates, infrastructure setup, route planning, and beyond.

Engineered to Get the Job Done

  • The eM2 – the ultimate platform for unrivaled flexibility. With its versatile capabilities, this electric box truck is prepared to tackle any task, whether it be restocking shelves, maintaining clean streets, or keeping the lights on. Discover a new level of efficiency and reliability with your fleet’s next powerhouse vehicle.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: The eM2 allows for easy navigation through neighborhoods and narrow city streets, thanks to its impressive 55 degrees of wheel cut and swept-back bumper design.
  • Efficient Use of Space: The eM2 optimizes battery placement under the cab and prioritizes frame rail space, making it a breeze to customize and upgrade.
  • Fueling Innovation: Freightliner collaborates with fleets to develop more choices for wheelbase, battery capacity, and ePTOs, ensuring the eM2 stays ahead of the game.

Effortless Integration. Optimal Performance.

The eAxles and batteries of the ePowertrain seamlessly work together, resulting in the eM2’s impressive efficiency, quiet operation, and cost-effectiveness. Built specifically for short-haul and delivery operations, the Class 6 eM2 offers a range of 180 miles, while the Class 7 reaches up to 250 miles. Experience maximum productivity with the Detroit ePowertrain.

The ePowertrain - The electric innovation on the inside

Introducing the cutting-edge Detroit® ePowertrain™: the perfect solution for on-highway and delivery needs. Exclusively available on the eM2, this all-electric technology offers unrivaled power, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Experience lightning-fast load movement and seamless acceleration like never before. Say goodbye to ordinary electric vehicles – embrace the future of electric-powered box trucks.

eM2 Inside Cab

Cab Comfort Built for Work

Experience a safe, comfortable, and intuitive driving experience with the eM2, a cab similar to the M2 106 Plus. Its interior features include:

  • Quick and smooth acceleration for effortless driving.
    Reduced driver fatigue with quiet operation.
  • A modern, two-screen digital dash that comes standard.
  • Ergonomic seats for precise adjustment and exceptional comfort.
  • Easier operation with a standard tilt and telescoping steering wheel that has multi-function controls.
  • Enhanced truck operation and low-light visibility with fully customizable, LED-backlit switches.



Experience ultimate safety in the world of electric trucks with the eM2. Equipped with the cutting-edge Detroit Assurance® Suite of Safety Systems, this medium-duty truck is built for protection. Its steel-reinforced aluminum cab ensures heightened strength, while the 2,500-square-inch windshield enhances visibility. Plus, with battery side-impact protection, you can have peace of mind on the road.

Detroit eFill

Detroit eFill

Crafted with a focus on exceptional durability and seamless compatibility, Detroit eFill Chargers provide a straightforward and efficient solution for powering your commercial fleet.

Maximize the potential of your electric vehicle fleet by utilizing a semi truck battery charger engineered for efficiency and compatibility. Detroit eFill stations undergo rigorous testing and are meticulously designed to deliver peak performance in Freightliner eCascadia and eM2 trucks. Moreover, their versatility extends to charging a diverse array of other electric commercial vehicles within your fleet.

eM2 vocational truck

Vocational Innovation

Advancing Electric Solutions: Collaborative initiatives are currently in progress to introduce an eM2 variant tailored for utility, sweeper, and other work truck applications.

Prioritizing Upfit Versatility: The packaging and design approach will build upon the well-known M2 platform, simplifying the upfitting process for truck equipment manufacturers working with the eM2.