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Truck Loans & Lease Programs

We’re dedicated to helping you get the financing you need to meet your business’s unique needs. In addition to Daimler Truck Financial, we work with Ally Financial, Toyota Finance and Isuzu Finance of America, all of which can support your commercial truck ownership financial needs. Learn more about truck loans or try our loan calculator. 

Financing Your Freightliner with Daimler Truck Financial

Daimler Trucks North America offers competitive finance and lease products to Freightliner Truck customers. The sales team at Frank’s Meadowlands Freightliner works to understand each customer’s business needs and to provide a comprehensive suite of flexible finance and lease solutions for owner-operator, fleet, vocational and municipal customers.

Freightliner Truck Cab
  • Competitive finance programs for qualified applicants
  • Above-market credit advances for qualified customers
  • Low down-payment requirements on approved credit
  • Longer finance terms for creditworthy buyers
  • Quick decisions for credit inquiries
  • A wide variety of payment structures to match your business needs
  • Balloon payments for qualified applicants
    Insurance coverage options provided by EPG Insurance, Inc.

    Finance and Lease Options Built to Meet Your Needs

    Truck Loans

    If you prefer to own your vehicle at the end of your contract and retain depreciation benefits, then a loan may be right for you. A loan is a fixed-payment contract with a set interest rate, usually requiring a down payment, with flexible payment options (must be set up prior to contracting) and vehicle ownership at contract completion. Loans do not have any mileage restrictions or return provisions, and they build equity.


    Truck leasing is a popular alternative to getting a loan for your commercial truck. Frank’s Meadowlands Freightliner offers numerous lease options, including a TRAC lease, Modified TRAC Lease, Zero TRAC Lease and FMV Lease. If you’re looking for the best truck lease deals, look no further! Check out our available truck lease agreement options through Daimler Truck Financial.

    Finance or Lease: Which Is Right for My Business?

    Depending on the unique characteristics of your business, there are many benefits to financing or leasing your vehicle. To help you determine which option is best for you, consider the following:

    Financing Benefits

    • Ownership: When you purchase a truck using a retail loan, each payment you make on the vehicle builds equity. Once your loan is paid off, you own the vehicle outright.
    • Flexible Payment Options: We offer a variety of flexible payment options to meet your retail loan needs (see page 5 for more details).
    • Tax Benefits: You may be eligible to take the depreciation on the truck and take a deduction for the interest paid. Consult your tax advisor.

    Leasing Benefits

    • Lower Down Payment/Monthly Payment: A lease typically requires less initial cash outlay and has lower monthly payments, allowing you to have flexibility with your cash.
    • Newer Equipment: Don’t get stuck with obsolete equipment. Leasing allows for a shorter trade cycle, which gives you access to the latest in new truck technology.
    • Tax Benefits: Payments may be expensed against income. Consult your tax advisor.
    • Lease-End Options: No matter which lease product you choose, there are options to return the vehicle or purchase it outright at lease-end.

    Let Us Help You Decide

    With more than 90 years in the trucking industry and relationships with reputable finance institutions such as Daimler Truck Financial, we can help you decide the best commercial truck finance for your bottom line. Speak to a member of our Freightliner sales team to discuss your needs. Serving truck owners and fleet managers throughout New Jersey and New York, including for all five boroughs of New York City.

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